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Engravedicons - personal graphics journal
of engravedheart

Welcome to engravedicons! my name is engravedheart and I will be your graphic artist today. here are the safety precations...

I will be making icons, headers, friends only banner, moodthemes, and in the far future, wallpapers. But please understand and follow the rules which are displayed below. But if I do see a lot of people breaking them, I will have to go friends only and have a strike/ban list. Please don't make me go to that point. It is most unpleasant.

And also, please understand that my life doesn't give me a lot of room to constantly be making graphics and therefore, i won't be posting every week or something.im kind slow in making graphics considering that they are not simple cropped pictures although i may sometimes do that but not regularly as a style. If there is a period where I seem to be "gone", please don't unfriend this journal or anything because I am most likely not dead yet. I like to notify u guys whether i am available or not.

1. Comment what you’re taking.
2. Credit engravedicons for icons in COMMENTS! look down below to see what i mean.
3. Credit Other Graphics in your Userinfo with engravedheart!!
4. Do not edit any of my stuff without permission
5. Upload All Graphics to your own server
6. Nominating is awesome! but please tell me which icon and which community.
7. LJ USE ONLY! my god!

how to credit icons:

Resources here
Comment to be affiliated on any of my posts