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23 June 2006 @ 10:21 pm
once again, final reminder.

im over at coldbloodedonut! as in, GET AWAY FROM HERE AND GO OVER THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crystalclosemyeyes4eva on June 23rd, 2006 09:48 pm (UTC)
I added it do I delete this one ?
BR!TT: btvs- first vampireengravedheart on June 23rd, 2006 09:59 pm (UTC)
ummmm yeah you can. i am going to leave it open and leave all my icons here. because i also have moodthemes and stuff here. so you can delete it but just save everything before you forget and then delete it.
little queen of spades: mean girlso_wanderlust on June 24th, 2006 12:17 am (UTC)
I joined :-)

Also, could you send me the link to the Clueless moodtheme you made awhile ago? o_wanderlust@livejournal.com. I really appreciate it!
BR!TT: btvs- i threw up on woodstock LMAOengravedheart on June 24th, 2006 09:59 am (UTC)
umm sure. actually, if you go to MY userinfo, and look where my moodtheme credits are, i have a link to it there. :)
(no subject) - antoinefoj on February 16th, 2012 05:55 pm (UTC) (Expand)
BR!TTengravedheart on February 16th, 2012 06:50 pm (UTC)
im sorry but i dont speak russian (is that the right language?)